Get the Maximum Bang for Your Buck by Avoiding these PPC Mistakes

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There are many compelling benefits of PPC advertising. PPC ads can be launched quickly, bringing in targeted traffic and qualified leads to your website fast. Although you may have planned it several months in advance, it’s important to review your PPC campaigns to make sure that you are not making any of the following mistakes and hindering yourself from achieving your Goals.

1. Neglecting your daily spend

Recently Google has allowed the advertisers to go over their daily spend budget. You can almost double the spending. Although they say that they will even the overspending over a 30 day period, it’s not recommended. Closely track the conversion level and spending and avoid exceeding the daily limit.

2. Using the same ad copy

PPC is all about experimenting. You will have to keep trying something new to get better results. Using the same ad copy, again and again, will make your ads monotonous and drastically reduce the click-through rate. Spend time in crafting engaging & original ad copies. Include numbers, geographies and other factors into the ad text.

3. Landing pages not reflecting the special offers

Matching query intent to content is an absolute must. If you notice that your bounce rate is way too high, it’s probably because your landing page is not in sync with the ad copy. Suppose you are offering a 40% discount on some products and that product is nowhere to be found on your landing page, then the visitor will feel betrayed and leave the site immediately.

4. Ignoring your Google merchant feed

If you are using product listings ads, make sure to push the latest feed with the most precise product attributes. The price, color, model and everything else should be pitch perfect.

5. Re-targeting carelessly

Re-targeting is considered one of the most profitable marketing practice. But overdoing it can do more harm then good because people are already bombarded with ads, and if you are not carefully crafting your re-targeting campaign then you are annoying them instead of convincing them.


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