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When people search for your business on the internet, chances are they’ll come across your Facebook page. Facebook serves as a second outpost for your business online – in fact, it’s like having another website! Facebook offers a way for your prospects and customers to learn about your business, to shop for products and services, and to communicate with you directly. You know you should take advantage of Facebook, but perhaps you don’t have the time or the interest to do it well. However, not having a company Facebook page will mean fewer leads to your site, and the missed opportunity for enhanced search engine optimization efforts. Ignoring Facebook as a valuable part of your internet marketing campaign will damage your online business when companies just like yours are using it, and reaping the benefits. We know you don’t have the time or the staff to manage your social media marketing. Let us be your Facebook marketing service, and we’ll handle everything for you.

If you haven’t promoted your business online using Instagram marketing, you are likely losing revenue. Start connecting with your audience using Instagram right now. Instagram allows you to connect with your customers with eye catching images and video that will spark interest and begin new conversations with new and existing customers. We will help you reach and engage your target audience using Instagram to manage your social engagements and grow your Instagram followers to get more brand recognition. The more your audience is exposed to your product or service the more they will know and understand what you have to offer. Instagram has evolved from just another photo based social media channel to a global platform with over 400+ million users that can give your marketing efforts a solid boost.

If you are looking to reach a professional audience, a LinkedIn marketing campaign might be just right for you. LinkedIn marketing will help you connect and engage with professionals and businesses alike and take your online exposure to the next level. LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, can serve as a very valuable marketing and lead generation platform as it gives businesses the opportunity to reach, influence and have a dialogue with very specific audiences. LinkedIn attracts professionals looking to expand their horizons, get a better job, stay up to date on industry news, or simply meet some new people with whom to share ideas. LinkedIn users fill out personal profiles listing their job titles, companies they have worked for, their age, location, and much more. The advertising opportunities on LinkedIn allow you to target your ads to be shown to only people in certain industries, job functions, and areas of the world. If you are looking to reach a highly educated, professional audience, LinkedIn marketing is worth exploring.

Did you know that Twitter has 316 million active users and 79% of them recommend a brand that they follow? Many companies overlook Twitter in their social media marketing strategies, assuming that their brand and services are ill-suited for promotion across the real-time platform. But in reality, Twitter presents a huge opportunity for businesses to develop relationships with their targeted audience and convert them into brand advocates. Twitter has always been a great tool for promotions and marketing but many businesses don’t use this tool properly and thus they fail to make most out of it. They focus on gaining more followers but they don’t analyze their activities on their profile. Brands and businesses that use twitter as a marketing tool increases communication, sales and traffic. It connects with all sectors of people and help keeping an eye on the competitor’s activity closely. Our experts can boost your twitter marketing campaign and brand. We will help you develop a comprehensive organic and paid Twitter marketing strategy that will boost your bottom line. Our Twitter marketing strategies drive brand awareness, and meet your social marketing goals by participating in trending topics and Twitter chats, scheduling curated and original content tweets, engaging with your followers, and creating highly targeted paid advertisements.

Google+ is a great place for businesses to join communities and get interactive with their client’s. Google’s unique approach to social networking began in 2011, and has since gained over 235 million active users. With such impressive growth in such a short amount of time, Google+ has proven itself to be an influential social media platform with an extensive worldwide reach. Google+ also acts as somewhat of a “social layer” of the parent Google site. The social networking site merges elements of YouTube, Google Search, Gmail and other Google features to create a more comprehensive user experience than alternate social platforms. The people you have in your Google+ circles & interaction you receive on Google+ posts can affect how you & your business appear in Google search results. In other words, Google+ IS Google. Using Google+ can improve your SEO! Your Google+ posts are indexed by Google & can appear in search results. And what business doesn’t want to be found on page one of Google?


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